The Service Club Program – Double Audio & Workbook Download Set


How To Easily Book A Full Two Week Tour With Almost No Expense – With Shows Less Then Eight Weeks Away!

  • You don’t have the big dollars to go and promote up a storm?
  • Need bookings to bring in some profits?
  • Need some fast gigs that can start paying you quick?

If so, The Service Club Program may be for you!


I have a friend, he is a terrific hypnotist and does a great job, but unfortunately last year he did not have the greatest promotional material in the world and he got himself into a situation where his cash flow was drained with an unexpected expense.

Without any immediate income in his sight, I tipped this program to him. The very first time he tried it he netted just under $950.00 per show. The beneficial thing about working this program is you don’t need the greatest promotional material to get the gigs, and you can book the gigs easily, and fast, if you work this program!

Notice I said work this program. Of course, like everything, your success will not come without effort. But mix a little bit of your effort with the knowledge on this double audio download program and the bookings will roll in!


Here are the positives of this program:

  • Low expense
  • Easy to book
  • Easy to book multiple, consecutive shows to create a tour
  • Short lead time to performing paydays
  • You can use it to bolster your current schedule
  • You can use it when other gigs fall through the cracks
  • You can use this program to establish yourself in a new territory

Let’s look at the Negatives of this program

  • Your fees are not as high as they would be for corporate bookings
  • You are not performing in as prestigious venues as some like

Of course with anything your going to have the pluses and the minus. The wonderful thing about this program is very few corporate events will book less then 8 weeks out anyhow, so you know before hand if your going to be working already. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you should give up corporate shows, what I’m saying is that this is a great way to make money easily with easy bookings that can bolster your current corporate show schedule!

Double Audio download Program With FULL SAMPLE BOOKLET Full details packed on two audio downloads PLUS – All Samples You Need To Work This Program right away included in separate written downloads, including:

  • Press Releases
  • Preshow needs
  • Post-show needs
  • Program Guide Book
  • All contracts
  • All forms
  • All letters
  • Lead generation tools & more


List Price: $99.95

Our Price: $29.00


What People Are Saying

My very first system that I bought from Geoff and Wendy is this fantastic, yet simple program. My first go out, I netted over $800.00 What was cool, was I never worked a service club before this. So in reality, my first show paid me over 10 times what I paid for this course.

Did you catch that, over 10x

I love the way some people find reasons not to do something. I figured, if it worked for other people, why not me. I get the package, and its not very big, and sat down and listened eagerly to what Geoof and his guest had to say.

By time I was finished, I shook my head in disbelief, …”is it really that easy?”

Oh hell yes it was, it was so easy I had multiple calls coming in my first month with service clubs that were eager to learn more, and what it would take to get me in their doors. I was treated like a rock star.

This system, of all the systems in the SHC store, is the easiest, hate to say it, but it is true. I truly think that some people may discrimanate this product because of the low price.


The price is cheap,.so what,…if your pushing bars and banquet halls and your knocking your head up against the wall, “What do I do next.?”

Buy this fantastic system. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I love this system because their is nothing in this system that is hard, you literally could get started withan an hour or two after getting this package. Geoff takes your hand and shows you the fundraising breakdown so that you and the organization can make great money. Not just them, not just you, but both. And the more people th service club brings in, the more money they make. So unlike a bar audience which may be small like 10 to 15 people, a service club could have, 75, 200 to 300 or more people. It’s up to them.

Order the system today, don’t hold back, kick start your career, and get your act on the road. You’ll thank the Ronnings over and over again, especially when you hear the roar of the audience laughing hyterically at one of your bits.

This system is a no brainer, order now!


Sucks money into your bank account that is! I think it may have been one of the first products I invested in with Geoff, nearly ten years ago now.

Right out of the gate, I put the system in place and generated 10% lead return on 105 contacts. I knew right then and there this was some powerful stuff.

Having been a former telephone (boiler room) promoter, it was refreshing to find a simple, near fool proof way to generate leads and ultimately bookings, translating into thousands of dollars in the bank for me.

In all the time I have been using this system now, not once have I needed a demo video, fancy brochure or promo kit. No one ever ask me about experience or testimonials (yes, I have all these things in spades, but it all lays gathering dust) all they ask is when can I come.

If your just starting out, you sure can’t go wrong in the all to small of an investment that is asked. If your experienced like myself, it will open your eyes to a great way to create bookings from thin air and control your own destiny. It’s a no brainer.

Just for the record I still (ten years latter) use this system not only as suggested but for other venues as well.

Rick Allen, CH,CI,CSMC

Every time I invest in one of Geoff Ronnings programs, I always say “this is the absolute best…it can’t get any better.” Well, I’ve just received the Service Club Program and I find myself saying the same thing. Although I haven’t yet put the program into action, the first time you listen to the 2 cd’s and read the workbook, it’s like “WOW, how did he come up with this…it’s ingenious!!!” You don’t just get the two cd’s that explain in detail how to set everything also get a workbook that has samples of everything you would possibly need from letters, contracts, news releases, all the promotional media, and more…in fact, much more. This is really a no brainer investment.


Being on the fence, thinking to jump into the SHC bandwagon, I decided to buy this product. This was a couple of months BEFORE my Vegas training.

Geoff then coaxed me into sending out postcards also BEFORE the training. This was to get some commitment out of me. Lo and behold, 2 days BEFORE the training I got my first service club booking scheduled 3 weeks after the training. Talk about pressure to learn this right and right away.

So my first SHC product got my first hypnosis booking and got me hooked. I’ve recouped the measly investment in this product several hundred percent over already. Totally worth it.


From my original investment, I’ve made thousands. What Geoff doesn’t mention is that this product can also serve to be a template to work with high schools, churches, or any other public venue where you want to do a ticket split. Buy this and market to the service clubs because they’re easy to get work with, and then break the mold and book more shows!

Jason Linett

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