Best Sellers – License Rights to Record Your Own Professional Hypnosis Audio Products

Hypnosis audio programs are some of the most profitable items a hypnotist can offer live and online. Now you can begin to increase your profits and build your business with these powerful and simple tools. In this package are the following full audio scripts you are licensed to reproduce and record with your name, as the author:

1) Weight Loss

2) Smoking Cessation

3) Pain Control

4) Banish Insomnia

5) Stress Release

6) Confidence

7) Memory and Concentration

In addition you receive the following:

8) Best Sellers Guide Book

9) Best Sellers Resource List

10) Explosive Passive Income Strategy

You can immediately separate yourself from your competition, increase your income and attain expert status!

— Geoffrey Ronning, CH, CI

List Price: $107.00

Our Past Physical Sale Price: $97.00

Current Download Price: $19.00


What People Are Saying

If you are not selling BOR then you are just leaving money on the table. The first theater I sold the BOR from the best sellers in I DOUBLED MY INCOME FROM THAT NIGHT. The Best Sellers makes is quick and painless to make your own BOR. The scripts are great and they are proven to work and to sell great. I Love The FREE MONEY!!!!

Jon Dee

Knoxville Tn

You are doing BOR (back of room) sales right. If not then Best Sellers is the fastest and easiest way to get started. It’s a no brainer. You don’t have to write your own scripts, they’re in there. Just sit down at your computer and record and when you are done you can burn your way to profits after the show.

Geoff and Wendy have done it again as always. With Best Sellers you can bring more to the bottom line and because of the Ronning research you will already know what titles people buy most so you aren’t carrying around 100 different titles hoping someone will buy them. I own these and they are the only titles in my website store as well as at my back table after shows. If you want an easy way to create another stream of income in your business be sure to invest in the Best Sellers product.

Best wishes with your show business.

Martin Blakley

AKA Blake Andrews,

You’ve sold the show, you give a great show, and afterwards- PEOPLE WILL WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY. They’ll want to know if you can help them stop smoking or lose weight. You can instantly put them in the position to help themselves by selling BOR.

The Best Sellers product gets you started quickly and easily. Buy the templates as well!


That’s what I heard from other entertainment marketing guys. Didn’t know how not to leave money on the table however.

Answer: B-O-R, B-O-R, B-O-R. I can hear Geoff grilling this down our throats every opportunity he gets. So how do you create BOR? With these Best Sellers scripts and the Inner Journey music, you’ve got everything you need.

Geoff even includes some tips and strategies on maximizing your BOR income.

 With a trusty old laptop, a $15 headset and very useful freeware, I was able to create ALL the BOR products in this package. It took work perfecting the recordings and re-recordings but once you’ve done it, there’s always money on the table.


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