How to Book Comedy Clubs with Your Stage Hypnosis Show

If you are interested in getting a lot of shows with minimal effort, then comedy clubs may be important to you. On any given evening numerous stage hypnotists are appearing at Comedy Clubs across the country.

Why work Comedy Clubs?

  • They are great reliable money makers
  • You can work as frequently as you like!

and because…

Comedy Clubs are easy to book and don’t typicallyrequire fancy promotional materials

When working Comedy Clubs, you work with the same clients/clubs each time you work a week of shows. Those clients can own more than one Comedy Club or know other Comedy Club bookers that can use your services. Many times your working with bookers that book multiple clubs and can offer you a run of shows on a regular basis. You don’t have to prove or sell yourself for each show. Just call up the bookers and see if they can fit you in the schedule.

Your show becomes a well oiled machine in no time!

Because you are doing an average of seven shows a week, your show will be excellent in no time! You can refine your routines and your skills and have a more marketable product to offer others!

Sell products, make additional money and take home morethan just your paycheck

Comedy Clubs encourage you to sell your hypnotic products.

Comedy Clubs provide thousands of dollars in free publicity on television and radio shows

You can turn your Comedy Club bookings into a publicity generating machine by appearing on radio stations and television programs to promote your shows at the Comedy Club! These can be used promote your Comedy Club bookings, increase your credibility and make it easier to book other shows.

Build your name and business locally!

For a local performer, Comedy Clubs can be an extremely valuable resource because you can work a Comedy Club in your local area and get reams of publicity, tons of experience and have a regular gig you can rely on to pay the bills and build your business.

This is the most comprehensive program for hypnotists in this field. Come to think of it, it is the ONLY program for hypnotists in the Comedy Club field!

This program will provide you with all the info to get Comedy Clubs to book you.


  • How to book your first Comedy Club!
  • The different routes Clubs take to book entertainers
  • How to position yourself to get the shows
  • What to expect with your first show
  • How much comedy clubs pay
  • How long of a show to offer
  • How much to expect from BOR (back of room sales)

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What People Are Saying

Like all of Geoff’s niche market courses he uses his years of real world experience to tell you EXACTLY what they are looking for and what format they want it in. In my experience the comedy club market wants things to be done a certain way and if you do not do them that way they will know immediately that you are a newby. This course covers all of the bases and tells you exactly what to expect from dealing with the club managers/owners to pay to how to get booked and what kind of show you need. This CD is not only exciting to listen to but the info is golden.

Jon Dee

Knoxville TN

Laugh all the way to the bank that is. This was another one of the first programs I got from Geoff, nearly ten years ago. It opened my eyes to how comedy clubs really work and book talent.

It tells it like it is, in plain simple to understand language. If you’ve not worked in this venue before, it is unlike most any other. You need this information to work not only comedy clubs but clubs and bars in general.

Don’t be stupid and ruin your chances (you generally only have one) to break into the comedy club circuit. Don’t waste your time doing open mike nights, hoping for a break, Geoff tells you how to be the headliner right out of the gate.

As with all of the Ronning’s products it is detailed, leaving no stone unturned. Grab it today and you’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

Rick Allen, CH,CI,CSMC

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