Modern Stage Hypnosis Home Study Course
Learn modern stage hypnosis with 17 Videos, 1 Audio and Workbook from home without any previous experience...
Create an Exciting, Modern Day Stage Hypnosis Show
Become a Successful Stage Hypnotist for 92% Less than Others Paid...
Perform your stage
hypnosis show
Think about hearing the sound of the applause. Make the audience laugh hysterically.
Hypnotize anyone,
Learn how to drop a whole group of people into trance without concern or stress.
Feel proud doing
what you enjoy
Realize how good you feel depositing a nice check into your bank account for doing something you enjoy.
"I was Skeptical..."
I'm amazed at your course. Before I got it I was skeptical. I wondered if I could really learn to hypnotize someone from a DVD, well I DID and I was shocked at how fast I hypnotized them!
Jeff Holt, Florida
"... You have not truly studied stage hypnosis until you have studied with Geoffrey Ronning"

Regardless of whether you have studied with other hypnotic trainers or not, you have not truly studied stage hypnosis until you have studied with Geoffrey Ronning!

You get the confidence, skills and profitable lessons that can only come from studying with him.

I have studied with hypnotists from across the country and I can guarantee you with Ronning it's not an expense but an investment that pays big dividends!

Bryan Dean, PA
Here is what you learn in this Training:
  1. The top five reasons most stage hypnotists fail to reach high levels of success (avoid these and watch your bank account and success rise)
  2. The two minds (the conscious and subconscious, their value, their use and how to exploit them to drop people into hypnosis fast during live shows)
  3. Brain wave activity (the four types and what it means to you)
  4. Signs of trance state (identifying your subject trance signs will make your job easy)
  5. The Ronning Foundational Core (you will not hear this from anyone else and when you learn this, you will be a profit machine and an awesome stage hypnotist!)
  6. How to powerfully connect with your stage hypnosis participants (this component will turn on your confidence!)
  7. How to determine your participants depth of trance in a show setting (never choose the wrong person for a skit again)
  8. Powerful persuasive communication tools (crank up your power and exert it at will to get your volunteers to do as you desire!)
In addition, you will learn:
  1. The absolute most important thing you need to be a successful stage hypnotist! (most people don't get this and I have never seen it anywhere else!)
  2. EKG Induction -- You'll learn our AWESOME hybrid, fast induction technique (you will drop 'em like flies with this explosive induction - I've hypnotized over 15,000 people with it!
  3. You'll learn the 2 types of routines to always avoid (what you see other hypnotists do is probably not in your best interest if you want to make serious money!) 
  4. You'll learn the most powerful way to begin your show (don't start any other way if you want to succeed with a show that will earn the raves with MODERN audience) 
  5. You'll learn how to avoid subjects who are trouble! (they are out there! Learn to spot 'em quickly before they destroy your important show)
Plus you also learn...
  1. How to banish all fears of failure before each show (why have stage fright if you don't need it?)
  2. How to structure your show for maximum impact!
  3. The main components of a successful program
  4. How to start to hypnotize your subjects before they even get on stage! (yes, you will hypnotize them before they even realize it!)
  5. What to do if you fail to hypnotize your subjects (nobody has the guts to tell you the truth about this!)
  6. How to create a powerhouse, laugh a minute program (laughs are what your audience craves - dish 'em out and profit!)
  7. Our massively successful induction ( hypnotize 'em fast and feel the power)
  8. Staging your show (I will save you bucks here on equipment so you can get the shows and profits rolling FAST).
  9. Types of music to use (you are using different types of music for different shows, aren't you?)
  10. Additional show routine ideas (never be short of routines again, and never wonder how your routines will play before you deliver them!)
  11. Handle major catastrophes (they can strike in corp shows, school, clubs, everywhere - but they won't be a problem for YOU)
  12. Deal with hecklers (I'm not naturally funny. I don't have the wit of a comedian. You will learn my techniques to stop 'em cold and keep the show rocking!)
  13. Showmanship techniques (you will look polished, professional and like you have 6 years of experience after this session!)
  14. Negative reactions to your induction (you will know how to deal with abreactions and more importantly, how to spot one before it's too late!)
  15. Audience control (Learn the control techniques it would take you decades to learn on your own!)
  16. How to get your first show bookings (why learn how to do a powerful stage hypnosis show if you cannot book it!)
  17. How to practice your stage hypnosis show (most people don't get how to practice and it hurts them badly, use this technique and jump start your success)
  18. How to make your participants more active (doing a show with people that just sit there is hell! Use these techniques and watch 'em go like little mice...)
And much much more...
"One of the most respected and knowledgeable hypnotists in the world today"
Geoffrey Ronning is one of the most respected and knowledgeable hypnotists in the world today. If you're seriously interested in learning the amazing (and highly profitable) art of stage hypnosis, you owe it to yourself to check out his course.
Mark Strivings, Professional Entertainer and Author
"I don't think I could have made a better investment..."

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Home Study Course I purchased from you. I don't think I could have made a better investment with my continuing education dollars. I'm not just a better stage hypnotist after your instruction. I am a better hypnotist.

There are too many good points to enumerate, but a few that stand out are:

  • The excellent study guide.
  • The EKG induction framework.(What I've been looking for)
  • The integration of NLP techniques into stage hypnosis.(Brilliant.)
  • The sound advice on business/marketing (My weak point)

I could go on. But, I am very glad to have come in contact with you both. Hope to have the opportunity to meet you personally sometime.

Gerry Kelly, Texas
Who this Online Training Course is Designed for...
This course is designed to take you from beginning to end. It is for the beginner, part-time person and professional. Even if you have been in hypnosis for a while, or if you are just getting started, this course is designed to make you as successful as possible. So that even if you have never hypnotized anyone in your life, you can get started right away. And if you have been in stage hypnosis for a while, you could amazed at what you learn as I look at hypnosis a lot differently than most and teach stuff you will not find anywhere else. The old dogs do learn new tricks here!
Who is the Instructor of this Course?

I was an extremely successful full time stage hypnotist and the author of the best selling book on stage hypnosis, The Ronning Modern Guide to Stage Hypnosis.

I have appeared on more television programs and radio programs than I can recall! From the far Northwest of Washington State in Seattle, to hypnotically programming a golfer in Melbourne Australia. I have performed at thousands of live shows in Corporate environments, Comedy Clubs, Fairs, High Schools, Casinos, Colleges and Private Venues!

Sometimes I played to small intimate exclusive groups, sometimes to large mammoth crowds. The largest I have ever performed for was 22,500 at the Gorge Amphitheatre.

In addition, I starred in a hypnotic television pilot ("Sleepers"). I have released over 12 Stage Hypnosis Educational Programs and over 40 Hypnosis Products to the public. I'm was a Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. In addition,stage hypnotists the world over including from Las Vegas, have consulted with me.

I retired from performing shortly after my son was born. My wife Wendy and I always planned to travel and create financial stability early in our lives with the Stage Hypnosis Career and then start a family and stay close to home. We are happily married and now reside just outside Phoenix, AZ. 

How Much is the Certified Stage Hypnotist Course?

You pay 92% less than what anyone else did live and you save yourself the travel expenses, hotel fees, etc. In addition you get to participate from the comfort of your own home and review these again and again until you get everything perfect!

The cheapest rate for live instruction was $1295.00. Your cost for this digital home training course is just $99.00.

Besides, one show will pay the ENTIRE cost of this complete home study training course!
Stunning Success Story: Do You Want this Kind of Experience?

I just spoke to Magician/ DJ Mike Swenson (of San Diego, CA). In his first STAGE HYPNOSIS show he made $2400.00!

If anything I'm WAY underpriced! And since you can get your money back in ONE SHOW how can you lose? Especially since you can buy with confidence because you have ZERO RISK!

How to Earn Your Certified Stage Hypnotist Designation...
There is a written test you must complete and some additional homework that must be completed and emailed back to us.  There is no additional expense to become a Certified Stage Hypnotist with the Stage Hypnosis Center beyond your investment in this program.
So What do You Get in this System?

You get a huge page Workbook and a Quick Start Audio to get going fast. You also get 17 Videos featuring Geoffrey Ronning. Everything you need to be a success!

No Guarantee & Terms of Business

We have over two decades of experience helping stage hypnotists. Due to requests from Stage Hypnotists around the world we decided to move from physical products to digital courses to support charitable giving.  We decided to eliminate our guarantee policy because we have lowered our prices so much that it is no longer a risk to invest in anything from us to test out the quality. 

If you feel this product is a risk  you should purchase our products from Amazon or invest in a lower priced product to sample us. Our quality has been proven for decades. We have started stage hypnosis careers around the world and we would love to help you if you would like the help within our terms of business.

"It is quite simply a business in a box"

I am simply in AWE in it's quality, attention to every small detail, it's teaching style and the even more detailed work book, that comes with it. I think it truly is a MASTERPIECE, from the standpoint of anybody who wishes to acquire not only the most up to date modern methods of HYPNOSIS, But an even more detailed method of marketing ones self, for maximum success. It is quite simply a business in the box, ready to go.

looked high and low for the right training. I even bought the cheap and nasty products from ebay. I looked for training in my own country Great Britain. the quotes I got, were often five and six times what I paid for your course.

These hypnotist's (considered on this side of the pond to be the best) were offering what I now know to be old fashioned boring inductions, based on quantity of people volunteering rather than the skills they had in their tool bag.

I am proud to be part of "The stage Hypnosis Centre" family, it will be my first port of call for further education in this wonderful art of hypnosis.

Alec Dubens, Derbyshire, UK
Are these Materials Dated?

The materials offered on StageHypnosisCenter are the same that were offered as Physical Products. Therefore, they are older materials that were recorded in the 90s and early 2000s. Having said that, many people consider the best Stage Hypnosis Book to be Ormond McGill’s which was originally published in 1947. So when you purchase these materials keep in mind they are the original, they are not updated, you are getting the exact materials that has started careers around the world. I cannot see how anyone would not find these to be tremendously valuable.  However, if you want something that was published yesterday, these are not for you. 

Feel Great About this Training and About Your Investment

You can feel great about this training as well as about your investment. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to address Suicide Prevention.


When you order today you get it at 92% less than anyone attending live and keep in mind, just one show will pay the entire fee of this comprehensive course, so the investment is if anything, underpriced.


Order Today
Raves about Stage Hypnosis Training
And the winner is,..Ronning's Modern Stage Hypnosis Training

Quite frankly, you can go anywhere and learn about stage hypnosis, you can google the subject, go to amazon, but hands down, every single time. There is only one winner, one product that stands out among the rest of them, one that will stand the test of time, and produce more successful stage hypnotist then any other system in the world.

And that is Ronning's Modern Stage Hypnosis Training.

I couldnt go to the live training, but there was something about the advertisment that spoke to and made me question myself, why would I go to any teacher. So with my broke @#$$ I chipped in my last few dollars that I had from magic shows I did and bought the course.

What a fantastic opportunity I created for myself and my family. First off, I got this huge white binder that is a three ring binder that has nothing but golden information on each and every page. I learned about the history of hypnotism, I learned about the concious and unconcious mind, signs of a trance,mirroring, pacing, leading, trance depth, and this is like in the first 30 pages. Ronning course taught me the basics of stage hypnosis, the construction of the show, character, skits, lordy i could go on and on.

Bottom line is, I know of no other source that comes even close, then listen to this, along with the binder, I got 15 hot DVDS that allowed me to sit in on one of his classes, Sonny Nardone was there, Blane was present as well as other favorite veterans of this site. I heard common questions, seen countless examples of hypnotising people, nonsense advice not only about the show, but about the business.

Because, thats what were in ... SHOW...BUSINESS

Ok, the price for this, is way to low. Easily Ronning could have commanded $2500.00 to $3500.00 and this would still be a steal.

The information alone will save you thousands of dollars in learning, and thousand of hours just to get to this level.

After learning this material, I feel proud to say, I am a Ronning student,..for life.

Remember KUNG FU with David Carradine. After all this material, I felt like the main character, I couldnt wait to go out to the real world to try my new skill, to help others, and to be happy. And I did.

Listen, I don't know what mental blocks you have put to try to create a wedge not to order. But I am going to tell you something, this course boosted the careers or many many people just like you. You owe to your self to try. it's easy, ...make a difference and order today

- By tsmith

And the winner is,..Ronning's Modern Stage Hypnosis Training

I am thrilled with the Stage Training Home Study Program! I find myself glued to the screen watching the DVD's whenever I have a free moment. The information is delivered in a, efficient effective and energizing way. Feels like I am actually sitting in the class. Only problem is I'm not getting any housework done. Hopefully once I am finished with the program and my performance is up and running, I can use some of my earnings to get someone else to clean my house...

- By Hypnomam

Tons of Information

What a great product! There is SOOOooo much information in this home study course. I like how Geoff really focuses on the business aspects. He covers everything from marketing, booking shows and client management. There's definitely something to learn here.

- By Mark

Awesome Program

I had intended to spread watching the videos over a few weeks but found myself feeding disc after disc into the player. The program is fun, addictive, and compelling. The material is well organized and easy to understand. The video and sound quality is excellent. I would recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in improving their hypnosis skills.

- By Richard

Simply smart

The Ronning Home Study course was simply smart! I like things that are straight forward and to the point. It included everything I was hoping for. Not only was it great in explaining the basics of Stage Hypnosis, but also the marketing of Stage Hypnosis. Like I said, very smart

- By macstevens

First SHC product ever bought

I have to say that the home study course is light years ahead of any hypnosis training I've purchased. In fact it was the very first product I ever bought! When I got this thing it was just jam pack full of useful info. Not only was it the first product I ever bought but it also so turned me on to the live training which is a top notch also. Have to give BIG praise to Geoff and Wendy for releasing such a wonderful training tool. Still go back to it now and again for little golden nuggets.

- By thollestelle


This DVD explained Hypnosis in a way that was like no other Hypnosis book or course was able to. A real MUST for anyone who wants to get into proffesional Hypnosis. Before this I was able to induce anyone, always using a script, yet after the course I was able to use bodylanguage and certain principles to control my environment and my participant. :)

- By IanB


I just received my home study course a few days ago and I can't stop watching the Modern Hypnosis Course, Geoff is a Master of making the course so easy to learn, I wish I found his course a long time ago, I'm a Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Stage Hypnotist and paid a lot of money for training, if only I knew about Geoff a year ago, but as I say the past will not equal the future, Geoff your the MAN, and I will make one of your live trainings very soon Take care.

- By Johnny Pineiro

Be a Hero

You too can be a hero by becoming a Stage Hypnotist by taking this course. Help yourself and help the economy grow. Get going now!!! Don't wait!!! Just do it!!!

- By Ron

Learning via video (DVD) rocks!

I am a self taught hypnotist (book learned) and have been practicing hypnosis for over twenty years, I purchase the Stage Hypnosis Course basically to get a certificate. I learned more during this course than in the many years and many books I have studied. Geoffrey's teaching is to the point, and his ability to stay on target is excellent. Watching the dvd's in the privacy of my home office allowed me to focus my attention exclusively on the lesson at hand, without outside distraction. Personally I gained valuable information with regard to marketing. Learning via DVD rocks!

- By James Dayley


invaluable info for running a stage hypnosis business

- By DanaL

A GREAT investment

I recently purchased this and have watched all of the DVDs and am about to finish up my certification. It is by far the best thing I've bought in years and I'm really excited about getting started with shows. Definitely worth it if you are starting will learn so much in a short time. There is so much that will help with every aspect of your show, as well as the business part of it.

- By goonole

Very Complete

The material in this course is very comprehensive and complete. Every time I had a question, Geoffrey answered it a moment later on the DVD. Top notch stuff!

- By ccook333

This is a no brainer!!!

I recently completed Geoff Ronnings Modern Stage Hypnosis Training Home course and I have to say that it is without a doubt the best investment I have ever made. Geoff not only teaches you all of the ins and outs of putting on a successful stage hypnosis show but also how to market yourself. The marketing knowledge alone that you'll receive is worth at least ten times the price of the entire course. If you're just curious about hypnosis, this course is not for you. But if you're looking for a super lucrative Full or part-time turn-key business that will not only be extremely profitable but great fun as well...this course is a must. Don't just kick the tires. Decide to do it today. You won't regret it!!!

-By BillM

A Good Investment

I first purchased The Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis and was very impressed with the information and the clear and concise manner that the information was delivered. After reading the book, forward and backward I felt compelled to order the Home Study Course and I am glad I did. I feel like this course is indeed a good investment! Geoff provides you with all of the information that you need to "fill your toolbox" and the inspiration to put those tools to work. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn the "real deal" regarding stage hypnosis. Hats off to Geoff and Wendy for making this product available.

- By Lonnie Chevrie

Geoff is holding nothing back

have recently received your stage hypnosis home training. So far I am thru disc 8 (of 17), and I find it to be excellent. It seems that Geoff is holding nothing back, and I find the cost of the training to be very little compared to the value delivered. I mean this is a potential full or part time career (or business) where you could easily make several thousand dollars per year, if you just follow the program as delivered. Usually with programs like these there are many more things you need to buy, and I have so far found this program to be a self contained product as promised before I ordered. Thanks for the information and also for your integrity!!

-By coki_w

Very Complete

I have been a hypnotherapist for over 20 years and recently decided to get into the fun side of hypnosis. I would like to thank you for creating this wonderful Stage Hypnosis Training Program. I have taken two other Stage Hypnosis courses and there is no comparison. I have learned so much from your course in the first week and applied it in a stage show for 170 women from the Red Hat Society and they loved it. I also learned things on stage from the panel themselves, thank to the info in your course. I felt a sincere and friendly attachment to Geoff in the tapes, that he really wants to help other Hypnotist and is not in it for just the money. I also enjoy the website and my membership at Stage Hypnosis Center. I am looking forward to seeing Geoff in a live show and meeting both of you in person some day. Thanks again for all your help.

-By silkpurseiv

Knowledge is power and this is a powerful course

I’ve just finished viewing the last of the home study course discs, and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the product.

With the large number of discs, (in comparison to the other respected stage hypnosis course on the market) I was a little afraid that there would be a lot of filler here—like too many questions of interest only to the live training attendee. I could not have been more wrong. The 17 discs are filled to the brim with red meat and provide tons of priceless info. All you have to do is dig in and then put in the serious effort that this field demands.

From the pre-talk, to the induction, on through the selection of skits themselves, you are not given a “recipe book” but rather, as Geoff likes to point out, a tool belt full of tools and the knowledge to use them. Geoff doesn’t just tell you “HOW”, he tells you “WHY” and “WHY NOT.”Speaking of the induction, I’d also recommended spending the extra $89 and buying his separate EKG Induction disc set as well.

Don’t get me wrong, Geoff is very thorough on the HSC, but you should spend as much time and effort studying the induction as you can. This is no “cookie-cutter-say-these-magic-words-and-poof-you-are-a-hypnotist” kinda deal. The EKG Induction has an almost subtle beauty to it, that must be really understood to fully appreciate.

In fact, it was reading about the EKG Induction in the Ronning Modern Guide to Stage Hypnosis that convinced me to go with Geoff’s training, as opposed to the other one. I don’t care for those instant, violent-looking, shock inductions, and the classic PMR is mind-numbingly boring for an audience. This induction is perfect for my style. Fast to use and interesting to watch.

Knowledge is power. Never quit learning and never think mediocre is good enough. If you are a performer and are truly interested in this field, and want to do it right—and want to maximize your chances of success—this is the way to go.

Thanks to Geoff and Wendy for a great product!

-By Dan Ladd

I can't say enough good things about this Home Study Program - it is life changing

My name is Michael Brandt and I purchased the Ronning Modern Stage Hypnosis Home Study Program in Ferbuary 2009.

I can't say enough good things about this Home Study Program - it is life changing. I see the training in the Ronning Stage Hypnosis Training as just a piece or link in a larger overall picture for success. I would compare the Steps to Success through SHC like a chain and each link in the chain plays a very important part to the overall success in becoming a Stage Hypnotist.I grew up as a farm boy in Iowa and we used metal chain for the tough jobs. In a metal chain the overall chain is only as strong as each individual link if any part of the link is weak then the entire chain will fail. As I have looked over the entire Stage Hypnosis Center web site what I see is the following links in the chain that are available to bring about success.

The Stage Hypnosis Training, the ongoing support and encouragement from Geoff and Wendy and their wisdom and experience in the business, the discussion forum sharing hands on experiences and insight by new and seasoned stage hypnotists, the quality products offered to help you succeed, and the ongoing training offered.

I hope I'm saying this right but I heard a quote once that says success is a journey not a destination. That's what I see in the SHC all the above mentioned things are the links in the chain along the journey to bring about total success and the worlds greatest Stage Hypnotists. The journey doesn't end as it is a continuous process of self improvement by remaining teachable to continually change for the better on the road of success as you help others along the way.

- By Michael Brandt

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