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Become an instant expert – Get Bookings

There are many different reasons for wanting to be published. One of the best is because being published makes you the “expert” in your field. As an expert it leads to more bookings – faster and easier.

Imagine being a person in charge of hiring entertainment for an important function. Are you going to choose the entertainer who has been published, or the entertainer who keeps telling you how wonderful he is? Most likely you will go with the entertainer who has been published because being published instantly will….

Jack up your credibility! And get higher show fees

When a person reads an article you wrote, it increases your credibility and when you have more credibility and have positioned yourself as the expert, you can ask for higher fees, and you will get them.

Shoot your competition down, like fish in a barrel

Having published articles is very impressive to your clients. It immediately allows you to separate yourself from all the other entertainers. They don’t stand a chance.

Brilliant mumbo-jumbo…

Ask yourself this: if you were hiring entertainment, would you rather hire someone who wrote an article that:

  • offered valuable content
  • distinguished the entertainer from others available for your event
  • offered you ideas, help or direction to plan a more successful event


  • would you rather hire the entertainer who says how wonderful they are?

It is a no-brainer. The choice is obvious. It is for your clients as well. This product gets you bookings.

Your secret weapon…

Writing quality articles can be a pain. It takes time to do the research, structure the article correctly and write the darn thing. Heck, some people find it impossible to write quality articles – luckily you don’t have to do that now!

Instantly license our proven articles!

You get to license articles that are already proven winners. You don’t write them at all. It is done. End of story. How hard is that? I cannot make it any easier.

Many have requested a package like this…

Our Mentorees have said there will be no detrimental effect on us if we license the rights to these articles to a select few because there are literally hundreds of thousands of publications out there, more than a thousand stage hypnotists could ever cover.

In addition, our Mentorees said, (to my discomfort) people could just steal them anyhow, so why not try to control it by offering the rights yourself?

At this time I agree with them, perhaps in the future I will change my mind. But for those of you who are smart enough to order this now, you will receive a turn-key package of articles you can use instantly.

These articles are proven winners – and this package is available now. I’m still not certain how long I will be offering this – but for the time being it is available.

The down and dirty way to grab the gigs…

Include these articles in your promo pack or publish them in the thousands of publications that are begging for content…

You can simply print these articles out on your letterhead to include with your promotional packages, or you can get them published in any of the numerous places begging for content.

Think of how many trade journals, newspapers, online magazines and international, national, regional or state newsletters are out there. They all need these articles.

Private disclosure: my ego won’t let me release anything but tested winners …

You probably know I hate it when people sell something that they have never street tested!

You know exactly what I mean…like all the stage hypnosis stuff available from people who have never even been full-time stage hypnotists?

There are a lot of people out there that sell you stuff they have never done – not me.

Frankly, my ego won’t allow it.

I want to be best source of real world stage hypnosis/ variety entertainment info on the planet. This product is no different. This is – real world stuff.

So real world you can get…

Six FREE bonus gifts for the first 29 people

Real-world – tested so you know it works.

To reward the first 29 of you that order, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • Free reprint of an article as it appeared in a Business Journal
  • Feature article reprint as it appeared in a Oregon State Publication
  • Free article reprint as it appeared in a different Business Journal
  • Free reprint as it appeared in a Utah organization newsletter
  • Free reprint as it appeared in a Arizona organization newsletter
  • Free reprint as it appeared in a Washington state newsletter

Some of these are the exact articles you are licensing. You will see exactly how these articles were used to promote myself, establish my expertise and eliminate my competition.

You tap into this…

The full package including a comprehensive guidebook that answers any questions you may have and 10 proven winning articles that you can rip into instantly. Or just make copies and include them in your promo kit. They will still boost your credibility and your fee because it is the valuable content and the professional writing that is important.

These 10 articles have been worth a fortune to us, and they can be to you as well. In addition, you receive articles that you can easily alter so that you can use them for:

  • Corporate bookings
  • High School bookings
  • College shows
  • Service clubs
  • Seminars
  • Educational workshop programs
  • Speeches

All the articles are on disc in a Word Document so you can immediately download them onto your computer. You don’t even have to know how to type.

This is an instant winner – fast and easy – you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Order this today, while it is still available.

You will be glad you did, I GUARANTEE it.

To Your Success,


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What People Are Saying

This saved me tons of time and as well worth the small investment. I highly recommend this item to any hypnotist that wants to take advantage of this great product!

Jon Dee

Get Published /Get Bookings is an ingenious collection of articles written and proven successful by Geoff Ronning that will do nothing but help increase your credibility and value as a stage hypnotist. These very well written articles deal with various subjects that can be customized for submission to newspapers, newsletters, and other publications that will print them, making your credibility level skyrocket. Using copies of the articles that you get published in your promo kit makes great sense since it will instantly separate you from the competition. In my opinion, the value of this package is understated. This a real great tool to have in your promotion arsenal.

Bill Mogolov

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