15 Techniques to Make Your Hypnosis Subjects more Animated and Entertaining

Nothing is worse than performing a show or demonstration with participants that sit there like bumps on a log!

Hypnotic participants that:

  • Don’t react to your suggestions!
  • Don’t entertain your audience!
  • Just sit there and wreck your show!

It makes you look bad, makes the show look bad and does not satisfy your client or audience. It hurts your reputation, costs you business and is painfully frustrating and embarrassing!

Well, years ago we designed tools to solve these problems! They work well for uptight corporate audiences and small audience programs, both shows and demonstrations.

This audio program will provide you with all our strategies to combat those debilitating problems!

You will learn:

  • How to head off those situations
  • How to deal with them effectively
  • How to execute strategies without the audience ever knowing there is a problem

This program will:

  • Give you confidence
  • Provide tools to correct issues
  • Allow you to put on a satisfying show for your audience and client!

This audio program is ready for shipment now and is the only program available that addresses this important issue for stage hypnotists. Order it today and spare yourself – performing the show with bumps on a log!

*Even those of you that have developed your own techniques may be surprised by a few of our most successful strategies. I’m sure everyone will find this program a valuable investment that will payoff big in peace of mind and future show success!

Your techniques have made my participants much more animated and my show more fun, thank you!–Robert Singleton – UK

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What People Are Saying

This is an excellent CD which will help you solve the problem of most stage hypnosis shows – boring subjects. You’re the hypnotist, and it’s your job to make the show work. You get fifteen real world techniques which will turn those “bumps on the log” volunteers into superstars. I honestly listen to this on the drive to most of my shows.


I bought this at the same time I bought the egk induction. This really helped me out and with the ekg induction and this I don’t even have the same show. I highly recommend this product and cannot believe how much it impacted my show. It is so much more fun now that I love doing them and am no longer nervous. The review above says he listens to it on the way to each show. I think I will start to do that as well.


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